Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear Dad

A Mom and a Dad are the pre-requisites of life for all human beings. There are most who are fortunate to get their love and attention, and there are some, who don't.

Characteristics of a Dad
A Dad is supposed to be the bread earner of the family, and he always takes on the responsibility for keeping his family safe and happy. He is supposed to be the IRON-MAN of his family and the children dote on him. He is never supposed to cry, and he can withstand all the extreme calamities of the universe. Children love him, and they want to be like him in the future to come. Most children take up the profession of their Dads since they adore all that he does. Such is the wonder of a Papa.

My Papa
I had a similar Dad who was as strong as Super-Man and was as tough as a hurricane. 
Nothing could bend him over in his life but when he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at a Stage 4. I could see all the above disappear into thin air. He bent down to this disease gracefully but fought it, till the end. He could not carry the burden of being dependent on people, thus always fought with a brave heart and a smile. Although, he had this strong urge to go back to work and had his briefcase next to his bed, which used to inspire him day in and out. The disease had spread into his bones, which made the pain unbearable. There used to be tears in his eyes cause of the pain but the strong urge to get better and get on with his LIFE was  contagious. 

Front Left: myself, Dad, brother, coz sis

Till the end, he was making plans of visiting places but, towards his last few hours left on this planet, he realized that the Almighty had something else in store for him so, he made sure he rewarded all the Attendants who looked after him in the hospital and bid them Adios with a peaceful expression on his face and a gentle smile.

He was a Great and a Strong father yet gentle at heart. I never saw him take a U-Turn and give up on things. He was always at his work whether rain or shine, duped or success from his work. I am proud to be his daughter, and I pray that his soul rests in peace since, he went through enough turmoil in this lifetime BUT with a SMILE. Although, I regret not telling him all the above while he was alive. Maybe, I took his presence for granted.

I am hoping I can adapt some key points from his attitude towards life.

A Happy Birthday to you where ever you are, dad (14th June!) 

Dear Dad, You will be dearly missed, and I am so proud to be your daughter!

Mantra for today: If you are proud of someone, just say it cause tomorrow never comes for such an event.


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