Thursday, May 22, 2014

When Sonam Kapoor used Baggout to go to Cannes

"Mom the date is arriving, and my designers have not yet shown me the preview of the dresses." Sonam fumes as she is checking her messages on her phone.

Mom is finishing up with her design for a particular client, and is sending in her finals by clicking the Send button.

She nods with apprehension takes a deep breath and replies, "I could suggest you an option, only if you agree to listen to me, and not throw a tantrum of how desi it is."

"Anything! anything right now, mom. I know your plate is already full with back orders. But, do you know anybody local that I can knock on their door, and get the service I need." Sonam asserts as she puts her phone down and walks close to her mom's working table.

"Sit down" orders her mom

She readily agrees, and looks at her with quizzed eyes.

Mom is busy toggling her fingers over the screen and has her eyebrows twitched. After a few seconds, she has a smile on her face as she looks at the screen with content, and after a silent hum, she turns the screen towards her daughter who is eyeing her all the time.

"Look at this site." mom continues with contentment, "it has all that you need. Join this site for free, then go to your favorite retailer via Baggout and shop normally. Your cash back gets automatically tracked in your Baggout account and you will eventually get some cash back." she says with a wink, and continues, "Best part that it is local, and you can shop for anything under the sun has a variety from food to fashion, mobile, books, travel and electronics for all age groups. Pauses and resumes, "And no hassle of looking at your watch and calculating the time difference." she says with a broad smile and an elated tone.

" Seriously mom" was Sonam's first reaction.

"Every body goes to this site for their shopping." she says with a sneer. "I need something fresh. something vibrant." she pauses and continues with a soft murmur, "Will this site have it?"

"Absolutely! Sonam browse through it." she is ordered.

She obediently starts to browse, but has a frown over her face. Mom watches her until that frown fades away, and goes back to working on her clienteles requests.

Sonam's fingers are moving briskly over the screen, she is so engrossed that she is humming to a tune in the background without her knowledge. Mom looks up, extends those muscles around her lips, and goes back to work.

"Gosh this site not only has dresses, but I can also accessorize myself." she says in a jubilant voice. "It's like one stop shop place, at the comfort of my home. Just like I shop with my international designers via Skype." Sonam is thrilled.

"That's the point, my dear." Mom chips in, "Now find your favorites, and let's shortlist." she asserts.

Sonam gets comfy by putting up her hair, leaning back, and crossing her legs. She takes a sip from her cup, and continues to browse, while making notes of the garments on a notepad.

In an hour's time, she has shortlisted her choice for her trip to Cannes where she will be showcasing herself for two days.

"Mom, let me share my stuff with you." she says excitedly as she shares the screen with her. "I plan on wearing a traditional attire on one day and the other two days I wanna dorn the vintage look"
Mom leans over, while adjusting her glasses.

"The prices are darn economical, and I can accessorize from the same place. This is gonna save me so much time."

"And money" Mom murmurs.

Sonam laughs, "yes, you got that right." as she winks at her.

"The designs are chic and trendy, I love it! Thank you mom, as usual, you are the best" she says with a hug.

"Now I have to pay with just a click" she chips in with ardor.

"No going from stores to stores to accessorize a particular dress. they have so many stores under Baggout that, all I need is an internet connection, and voila I save up on gas, and screen myself from the heat and pollution", she continues to rattle on as her fingers are moving in a lightening process.

Mom is quick to point out, "Did you check out the on going deals of various retail stores?"

"I did, mom. But, I shopped under Trending Products, which showcased many products from various stores. This assortment made it easy to shop." she quivered over her success.

"That's neat" Mom chides in.

Just that moment, Rhea enters with a phone in her hand, "Sonam there is this Le Palima designer on the phone for you from Paris."

Sonam frowns and whispers to her sister, "Tell her, I am not around."

Rhea looks at her with a frown.

Sonam shows her those bookmarked items in her Baggot Cart, and that makes Rhea go Wow!

She nods and winks at her sister while taking the phone off mute and answering it.

"Voila! I am all set for being the brand ambassador of cosmetic giant for this year!" she quivers in delight and swirls around.

"Thank you"


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