Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two sides, but one Coin

When faced with confrontation, I usually head towards the hills by chanting Om Shanti Om.

No, not that song, but  reminding myself that my peace of mind is what matters in the end. Getting in a conflict of words is more than physical lashes thus, gotta avoid it.

Why fret over it when milk is already spilled!

Just zip it up and let the karma chameleon beat her over the actions. (my thinking)
Dunno why and how I land up bringing kismet into it but, I guess that is the baton of non-violence, and if Mahatma Gandhi was successful in making the Britishers leave India, I can definitely use it on one individual.

Now I am not the Anna Hazare of today's world and nor do I plan on forming a political party over my principles to bring clarity to this world since; I am myself struggling to get the lucidity over my ideals and get some perception on how to lead my another ~30 years of life.

As adults, we reach a point in our lives, when we want action to be taken when someone is unfair and we tend to rejoice when he gets paid for his deeds.

No wonder, Ditto is such a common word, and as we grow older, we love using it more.
The concept of sharing is only till we are pre-teens thus, we enforce this attribute in our children since once they are grown up, it is history.

There had been a time when I went head first into a conversation. This particular individual was irritating me for quite some time, and would refuse to take NO for an answer.
So, wore my headgear and went head in with a squawk.
That grunting noise was essential to keep the adrenaline pumping for me to strike back with equally gutsy words.

My shield was acting a good protector as it would deflect off all the words coming from her thus, avoiding it to penetrate in me and to affect me in anyways.

Man is resilient to bear any hardships as long as he can continue to absorb those verbal lashes.

So, I wore my eye black more so to protect me from that glare and head strong language, and help me tone down in all possible ways. The stripes help differentiate between light and dark lashes and help following a pop fly thus avoiding any injury to the self.

Like a knight I was dodging the abuses, accuses and defending myself.

Finally, my opponent gave in and retrieved before sunset. I was relieved.
But, stood guard cause the key to each action is a good defense thus, was on the alert for another few minutes and then retrieved.

And when I removed my shining armor. It was black with soot. I guess the words do impact and change color. I was so tired.
Mind was restless even though my shield reflected off most of the words. I took a day to compose myself.
Realized the impact.

The result was that no more punga from that person.
Surprisingly, the feeling was mutual!

Just like in mint factory, two individual and distinct sides, but ultimately the result is a shiny coin. We also went on such a similar excursion and experienced something similar.

When we entered the battle field, we were two individuals, but alas after an hour long brawl, we exited in one state....tired, sweaty, and fagged. We both had a new perception towards each other and were shining bright (cause of the sweat)

Mantra for today: There is no winner in a confrontation. Pressing the mute button is the key to that factual lock.


This post is written for Project365 with a theme, "When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or 
walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction?"

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