Thursday, May 1, 2014

An interesting perception!

My son used to love Thomas trains, and his interest was devouring our entire household since we had music playing for those all those hours that we would be awake.

Train sets were lying around and we would nickname every person we came across with Thomas's characters such as Toby, Bertie, Henry, James, Gordon, etc.
Life around us was so British!

Then came the Barney days when everything my kid saw was loved and that landed up as a big old lovey dovey family.

Forget an adult, thanks to media, there has been knowledge even in a toddler that his curiosity kept changing.

Interests keep varying as we age.

Ever wonder why?

Things that tickled or amused us a couple of months back, give us the creeps or we show no interest in it.

This is a clear indication that our tastes our evolving. This could be due to our understanding, impression and awareness.

Evolution of man has lead to all of us utter this statement, "I have absolutely no interest in Xyz" at least once in our lifetime.

No wonder man has progressed this far. Our Ape days are history as we have all emerged from our caves into our homes that are submerged with various gadgets and modes of entertainment.

Our perception over several issues has made us opinionated. We believe in analysis, discussion and scrutiny over any matter, and most of the time we avoid giving in easily.

As long as man continues to tread along the journey of change of interests and pursue different passions, to bring about positive change within and around him, he shall continue to make a difference in his and someone else lifetime.

Mantra for today: Interests have a right to hop and leap, as long as they are beneficial to mankind.


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