Monday, April 7, 2014

When an ATM turn heads!

Man has made some guidelines for construction as a result, when something goes out of the protocol, it makes big news.

Came up with this article where an ATM machine is just 15 inches off the ground.


Man has to kneel down to withdraw HIS hard earned cash!
Now this has been a hurdle for people in wheelchairs, but even a common man is complaining. 

Changes take a while to embrace. 

When questioned the authorities they blamed it on its location. 

Seriously, a hill can be a reason for a 15 inch ATM machine?

Call it Silly or just darn poor planning!

I am in a putting a duct tape over my mouth kinda mood since cannot understand man's thinking thus, don't wanna comment but so darn tempted to do so...

Mantra for today: Changes can be tough to accept.


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