Monday, March 17, 2014

Mind over Heart

Contemplation between the H and the M. 

Where H is me, and M is the muse that meditates over various issues.

M: What is happening to the world? How can an airplane go missing in this wide world, with so many radars everywhere? We have satellites at every nook and corner. Why are people tormenting people? 

H: Yup, its a sad state.
(smirks)  I pity the politicians for once. 

M: Politicians? How are they coming in the picture?

H: Well they have to tackle the issue since this plane goes missing and people are questioning them for once.

M: Well, I kinda agree but also disagree with you on this.

H: I am pleased that you agree with me but Errr what part is that makes you contemplate over this, my dear M?

M: It is the We the people and not the politicians who are actually responsible for all that is happening around.

H: Well, Hello!! 
 It is the leaders who poison innocent minds. That is how terrorism exists in the first place.

M: Sheeshhh...please let's not even go there, H! You are making way too much out of this. 

H: Who me? I don't think so! Ask those people who wanna know what happened to their loved ones. Infact, we all want to know what happened to those innocent passengers.


 M pretends to get busy so that H gets the signal and shuts herself out!

My heart and mind have been playing the bone of contention ever since Malaysian Airlines went missing and even though all the above is yet unsettled there are various points of disagreement. I pray the outcome is a pleasant one and the Heart and the Mind can be rest assured that mankind has some hope!

Mantra for today: The Mind is intelligent to absorb the changes, while the heart still laments over it.


Project 365 has a prompt "Bone of contention" 
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