Monday, February 3, 2014

Variety is the spice of life!

We all love proverbs such as, "Friendships click" or "Great minds think alike"

Thus, forming a group around us, which are like minded, and we like to be happy in that environment thus, secluding ourselves from people who do not agree with us or think differently.

However, it is the diverse minds in this society that makes the life of a human worthwhile.

Are you kidding?

Hang on with me for a couple of seconds and ponder over what I have to say...

If we would not have people who talk trash or misbehave or fool around, we would not have been able to distinguish between what is right and wrong.

We have been able to gain knowledge about the actual ideals of life and contemplate over the holy scriptures that the learned's have experienced and written. The above would only have been possible if we had not had seen the other side of the coin. This flip side is totally opposite to us, and we are not comfortable with that kind of energy around us. Thus, it makes man think of what he actually wants/desires from his lifetime.

When man becomes aware of what is around him, and that could be via actions, thoughts, and behavior. It makes him differentiate between what is correct and what tickles his consciousness.

This prick inside him when he sees something immoral makes him choose what he wants. This want then eventually becomes his goal in life.

Today our society is acting crazy with ugly and grotesque news everywhere. Honestly speaking I detest opening the newspapers cause now I feel that ignorance is bliss. These whimsical people who create such headlines make people like you and me wanna ponder over the meaning of life and help make a difference with our heart and soul.

Thus, making our living worthwhile thanks to the mixed bag around us. Thus, increasing the essence of life and spicing it up.

If all of us were alike then this society would be a drag and man would not have grown emotionally. Life would just have been like sucking upon a candy who refuses to lose its taste or dissolve in the mouth.

With the hopes of helping create a revolution towards betterment, I admire our diversification.

Mantra for today: There is beauty and strength in dissimilarities.

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