Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How not to live with regrets?

Let's face it...what we say or act today will be regretted tomorrow.

That moment when we tend to perform or convey without thinking or pausing tends to make us repent over the spilled beans.

This could be a scenario over our kids or with an adult of any age.

How not to live without regrets is all about living in the moment but, how many of us do that?

Moreover, it is easy to preach but, at the spur of the moment when the action is happening, our egos tend to over-rule our heart and mind and we tend to blurt out what we deplore later.

While we learn to live in the moment. Let us make our deeds haunt us.

Seriously? Are you sane?

Being your own enemy?
I am sure those thoughts are coming to many while reading this...

If you have said something bitter. Keep biting that tongue of yours until you say something pleasant to that same person. Let the thought abode you. Make amends to the situation.

The above act will help white wash the situation and bring peace within you and in that particular relationship.

It is just like sugar coating your tongue after you licked the red chili powder. However, to come to terms of putting sugar in your mouth is a choice each individual ought to make!

Regrets usually haunt us when we either shut ourselves off from the situation or just refuse to accept our erroneous behavior.

Honestly I have had those moments where I have had contrition about saying something bitter to an individual the previous day.

But by being critical to me. I tend to remember my actions/language over that particular incident.

The conclusion to the whole saga keeps getting repeated in my head while being analytical and judgmental. So that the result is achieved.

Mantra for today: Life is short to live with regrets. Recompense the situation.

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