Sunday, January 26, 2014

National Anthems and their significance

Yesterday India celebrated her 65th Republic day. National Anthems were heard everywhere. It was as if the country had united to face all diversities and bury the hatchet of hatred, and malices. 

Just watching all this on television made me ponder over National Anthems and their significance.


National Anthems are melodious and inspiring compositions that praise history, traditions of that country and the various struggles of the citizens to either gain freedom or be recognized by the government.

Each country had a black and white past but, man could overcome all since; greed did not over-ride their values.

Usually, an individual ought to stand up while listening/singing an Anthem. It is like showing respect to that country and to the people who fought for their freedom.

Sure, that ought to be done!

However, each country is facing the plight of corruption, malfeasance, and crushing of an innocent being. Money rules everywhere, thus the plight of sorrow, hunger, and poverty is ravaging mankind.

My 2 cents
Why exist on the past? Why don't we showcase our present country in our Anthems? That will evoke man of each country to fight for his rights, and crush those corrupt individuals who continue to fill their pockets with pesos.

Even though life of each country can be understood if we start from its' past, but we all gotta live in the present. Thus, why don't we showcase our TODAY and stimulate mankind who are living in the past.

Mantra for today: The Present has all the action, let us thrive on it and be bold to accept it. 
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