Monday, January 13, 2014

My gifts of imperfection

Let's face it, we all are creatures of imperfection thus, making this world a beautiful one to live in (pun intended!)

I am happy with my flaws as they help me improvise my passion in my life. Thought I take a dig at my deficiencies and try to analyze them.

Some of them are:

Critique my work: I tend to criticize my work a lot. I do not know what perfection is but, when I write something; I will look around for a similar topic and compare notes. Then with a heavy heart I hit publish cause more could have been shared on that topic. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise cause I do not have expectations from my readers.

Being aware of my thoughts and actions: Constant awareness of my thoughts makes me a police of my own mind. I am on an alert with regards to my thoughts as a result, when dusk draws in; I am mentally exhausted than physically. But, this turns out to be a gift in disguise cause as soon I hit my pillow, I am in zzz land, and I hardly dream.

Not much of a decorator: Visit my house and will find lots of empty spaces. Not much of a shopper and if I do, I plan where to place the item prior to making a purchase. Thus, I take a long time to shop and at times is a tedious affair. This turns out to be a boon since I am a firm believer of energy flow from various objects thus, helping to keep a balance in check.

Imperfections or flaws are usually to be worked upon. I am thankful that I have accepted them with gratitude and have learnt to live my life around them.

Mantra for today: Flaws are the gifts of imperfection and one got to embrace them.

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