Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mother of Assumptions

Assumption is a state of mind where an individual can draw a picture of something that is either very colorful or ugly.

That something could either be a human or a notion or just about any thought that has entered his grey cells.

Isn't it amazing how man builds his castle over his assumption?

Amazingly enough with confidence that we start judging someone based on this flimsy criteria.

A couple of classic examples are: A person with a beard versus a clean shaven individual coming for an interview. The assumption that the uncluttered look defines sharpness, and he is hired.

How an individual is Speaking english or his dressing mannerisms or her behavior in public are all assumptions that man has made.

Society is also spitting rage on people with a beard and a turban because they assume them to be terrorists. Many innocent people have become victims to this wrath.

My 2 cents

What we assume for others can be concluded for us too. Thus, action needs to be taken accordingly.

Controlling one's thoughts and not making an issue out of everything is the key! This boils down to being aware of what we think, which eventually becomes our assumptions.

Mantra for today: If Assumption is the mother of all disasters. Bring in the father who has a clear vision and will help channeling the thoughts. 

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