Friday, January 3, 2014

Blogging Goals for this year!

This year I wanna CARE since caring is an important aspect of life. Usually we care about all kinds of things, and that is what makes us human and humane.

However, we don't care to that extent where we could see a change in our society. But, research indicates that caring should start from within and then we gotta reach out.

I love Challenges cause it makes me tickle the gray matter and help strategize on various topics. This kind of scripting not only makes me research and investigate on a particular subject but, will also help me grow wiser by each challenge I undertake.

With the many challenges,  I take...Awareness will come. This is an essential commodity for any individual to grow. Knowledge makes an individual wiser and helps him/her think strategically especially in times of crisis.

Rational is also an attribute I wanna conquer since it helps one balance the pros and cons of each subject. That will help me be realistic and analytical to whatever life shall offer.

Enlightenment is a feature that is missing from our society. Before I pinpoint it to others, I ought to learn to walk that path. This path will not only free me from my sorrows but will also help me climb a whole new platform where I can stop judging people and learn to embrace them with compassion.

Today our world needs empathy and compassion. Let us start from our doorstep and move forward with that notion since charity begins at home.

The above characteristics I wanna include in my blog...Challenges-Awareness-Rational-Enlightenment

The facet of caring will take me an extra mile or two than what it did last year with regards to my blogging.

Mantra for today: Caring will lead to dispassion. This will lead to an important change on our planet.

FTSF is here. Today's sentence is about your blogging goals. 
Join in the fun!
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