Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A new twist in Massage

Who would not love to get a massage to ease off those tense muscles?

Since man is surrounded by stress, many forms of massages have come into existence.

Lately, one such massage therapy that caught my eye is using pythons for a massage. 


These pythons are allowed to crawl on the backs of the client. Needless to say that fear is induced in the customer. But, these therapists insist that the adrenaline that is induced helps trigger metabolism.

Result: At the end of the massage, the consumer not only breathes a sigh of relief but has also helped boost his metabolism along with release of those ached muscles.

Man is going to any lengths to get a boost in his metabolism.
Alas, we have inflicted our physical body with stress and accentuate it with fear, anxiety, apprehensions that apply brakes to our normal digestion thus, inflicting many diseases.

My 2 cents
Why torture our physical self by making an animal crawl over us? Let's just learn to be in the moment!

Mantra for today: Awareness is the key to all our problems. 

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