Monday, October 7, 2013

How is Morality linked to your Karma Bank?

Ethics is the morality, the honesty which a man adheres to while walking on the path of Life.

There are times; we forget our principles just to walk the ladder of success or to get something
substantial out of the deal.

Sure Enough since, Man is a lone soul, and he ought to survive on his own even though he is protected by his parents as a child. Eventually, he ought to trod on this path by himself.

Fortunately, these morals are so versatile that they can be picked up from any step of the way thus, the temptation to leave his ethics at the doorway when trouble strikes.

Alas! the law of karma has already worked his charm, and how he chose to react in a situation has been taken into account, and he will be rewarded accordingly.

However, man ought to get a sheath around himself that will help protect him and ground him when the need arises. This will not make him repent over the spilled milk.

Awareness and having those ethics always surround him 24/7 is the key to ethereal pleasures.

Mantra for today: Your consciousness is your ethics. Let it speak to you!

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