Monday, August 26, 2013

Man's Independence

This week, I will highlight the various channels where man illusions about independence.

As soon as Man is born, he longs for independence. The freedom to do things, the ability to go anyplace. He yearns for flexibility, power, and privileges.

But, honestly Independence is just a myth.

We cannot do anything on our own. We all are in a circle of life where we are dependent on each other for our freedom, joy, happiness and even sorrows.

Man being a social animal. We are dependent on our loved ones. If they are happy, we can enjoy and have the liberty and freedom to move around or else we will be coop around them.

Joy and Sorrow are two sides of a coin, and we all are attracted to each of them as they impart wisdom and joy to man. This allows him to grow not only physically but also spiritually.

As man continues to make his decisions on what to wear, work, eat and play. His decisions are dependent on his aides around him. He will not be happy for long if he continues to tread on the path based on his decisions.

Man is happy in unison and thus, eventually his decisions will become biased. Community plays an important role in man's welfare and progress. Thus, making him inter-dependent on his fellow brethren.

Mantra for today: A community in consonance is a proof of happiness and progress.

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