Thursday, March 28, 2013

Significance of Holi

Different Holi Colors
Sleepy head with colors
Yesterday was an auspicious festival in India. There is a mythological significance behind it, but I will just come to the Social meaning of this festival, where people celebrate with vibrant colors.

They put colors on each other. Eat sweets and be merry!

But, why colors?

Different colors when penetrate the body. It has the effect of strengthening the atoms of the body by adding health and beauty to it.

Holi also signifies the advent of full bloom; Spring.

Colors also signify the meaning of: burning all bridges of ego and hatred, and embracing those individuals whom we have stopped meeting due to some differences.

Colors have an incredible effect on our body language. It makes even a sleepy head kid wake up and smile to it, when applied.

My 2 cents
Although we have the color RED flowing inside us. The vibrancy we get when other colors come to surface, and add zeal to our lives.

Can't imagine a black & white life!

Mantra for the day: Colors give an oomph factor to our lives. Embrace them!
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