Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

Statistics indicate that promiscuous teenagers lead to early pregnancy.


The child is abandoned since the parents are too young to take care of the baby. The future of  an infant is dependent on state and their new rules and regulations. With the recent cuts happening everywhere, it sure is not a bright one!

Lately, there has been an uproar over some ad campaigns by planned parenthood organization. They have been accused of putting up crude statements with regards to teen pregnancy and its aftereffects.

My 2 cents!

There is nothing crude about making the teen realize on what he/she has done. They should have been awakened before they took that step.

Now, that they have, it better be a hostile way to make them feel what they did, and make them responsible over it.

Sometimes using harsh words to make the kid realize or be responsible is not considered bad parenting.

Mantra for today: Harsh words are not always toxic.

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