Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thy Art of searching your Desires

With the advent of a brand new year, 2014. Let us look within us and search for the craving that we had all along...

We all have a desire, but with peer pressure; we tend to overlook it and just go with the stride.

Alas, Life rolls away, and many do not realize what passion they are looking for. They lived their whole life following others and not finding what their heart actually desires!

Time to pause and look within ourselves and search for that desire that is burning within you. This will just pump up your ardor for living a meaningful life. Result: Success would not be far away!

Thus, let us do some body dowsing and find that psychic connection between us and the sought after object/desire. Since all things (living or stationary) possess an energy force. We can concentrate on the hidden object within us and get an idea of what our soul has been searching for all these years!

How can it be done?

Concentrate on your consciousness. Let it speak to you and do not get overwhelmed by the thoughts of people around you.

Since, we are humans. This is a natural ambition cause that keeps us alive and keep going like a Duracell battery.

Research indicates that having a goal in our life helps keep us away from distractions (that are a plenty) and help us stay focussed.

Mantra for today: Find your zest in this life time!

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