Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue Print for Success

Man works hard and then is hungry for a favorable outcome.

Sure, we all want success for the exhausting work we put in towards a project.

Alas, some get it, and some keep striving hard to attain that goal. Unfortunately, this is Life!

It can suck for some, but it can be lucky for a handful.

Blame it on whom?

I would vouch for our thoughts in the above.


Yes, our thoughts have the power to make or break us. Keep a guard on your ideas cause if this security alarm fails to ring off; this formation of mental objects can either take us to the heights of divinity and success or could make us run astray and lead to our downfall.

The actions that follow thereafter if/when our thoughts are not watched over; can lead us to fill upon our bucket of karma, which could either be a good or an ugly thing.

Destiny also plays an important role when thoughts are allowed to process.

Every soul on this planet desires to succeed and fortunately, we have the potential within us. It is just the awareness that tends to get misplaced in the humdrum of life.

This brand new year be the change within you and see how you can make your blue print for success.

Mantra for today: Man's thoughts are the channel while destiny is an agent for success.

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